Board Certification is a voluntary process that signifies a coach’s mastery of the core body of knowledge and skills his or her chosen specialty.

ICCSB believes that in order to accurately measure a coach’s mastery of knowledge is through rigorous review and examination.

In pursuing board certification, one must first meet the educational requirements of the ICCSB:

Educational requirements must include successful completion of either an accredited coach training, Master Coach training, or being a Fellow of the American College of Professional Coaching.
Submit an application; outlining coaching experience in their specialty and or additional training in said specialty. Application fee is $149.
The applicant must demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of all phases of coaching by undertaking and Oral examination. The final Oral exam is presented to the Evaluations Board of the ICCSB for review. Exam fee: $175.
Upon passing the examination process and signing The Code of Ethics, Board Certification is officially awarded.
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