International Coaching Certification Standards Board

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ICCSB Accredited Coaching Provider Program (ACP) is the first and only internationally recognized accreditation provided exclusively for advanced and specialty coaching. The admission to ICCSB’s Accredited Coaching Provider Program is one of the highest validations of the strength and substance of training.
The ACP application and assessment process demonstrate that a program met five (5) nationally-recognized standard categories. The rigorous assessment evaluates the aspects listed below and allows the ICCSB to conduct an assessment of their processes and procedures.

- Category 1: Content and Instructional Materials
- Category 2: Assessment of Learning Objectives
- Category 3: Coaching and Faculty Personnel
- Category 4: Assessment of Actual Class Delivery
- Category 5: Program Evaluation
An organization must pay $295.00 to obtain the Board of Standards ACPP application. Once the application has been submitted and approved, an additional fee will be due.

Accreditation of Coaching Programs
Our ACP Program states an organization has met the ICCSB standards to achieve accreditation. A provider must submit to regular assessment by ICCSB and show the education or training offered meets our high standards.

Once achieved, accreditation offers confirmation the ACP has exhibited and demonstrated quality program. This provides their students the confidence their investment in this education is one of excellence.

Assessment is a dialogue between the provider and ICCSB, through which the program can be assessed and, where possible, improved. Providers are evaluated against both their own stated objectives and the standards. The process normally takes one-three months.

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