International Coaching Certification Standards Board

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One of the best ways to know if a coach has the qualifications to serve others in an area of specialty is to see if he or she is Board Certified and continuing to stay current with the latest techniques in coaching.

Why Is It Important for a Coach to Be Board Certified?

If you were to research coaches you would discover that only a small percentage of coaches are “board-certified,” so what does that mean? 

Being board-certified states that the coach has met the requirements of a recognized coaching board of standards. Being board-certified guarantees that a coach has demonstrated a level of competency in their specialty, the same cannot be stated for those who are not board-certified.

Since 1997, the ICCSB Member Board have been recognizing coaches through professional standards for outstanding practice in a particular coaching specialty with Board Certification. 

The ICCSB is internationally recognized for the high standards of Member Boards set to certify coaches in various specialties. And to make sure Board-Certified coaches continuously update and expand their knowledge.